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Your community and its partners are currently inventorying and assessing the community sidewalk network. As part of this effort, the project team is conducting a public survey designed to help us better understand the mobility goals of community residents and workers. The survey is intended to help the team better understand public perceptions regarding the walking environment and priorities for pedestrian infrastructure. The City plans to use your survey input to help prioritize sidewalk repairs and new sidewalk construction projects in community.

The main section of the survey consists of 5 sections and is estimated to take approximately 15 minutes. It asks questions on your background, walking habits, walking in your community, and personal priorities for sidewalk improvements in community.

Following the primary survey, survey takers will be presented with the options of either exiting the survey, or answering up to four additional question sets that ask more in-depth information on sidewalk prioritization preferences. These sections take around 3-5 minutes each (12-20 minutes for all four sections) to complete.

All responses will remain completely confidential. We appreciate your participation and your dedication to improving the walking environment in your community!

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this survey.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the survey. Please feel free to contact the project researchers listed below:

Thank you for your participation in the survey! Your responses will be helpful in guiding pedestrian infrastructure improvements in your community. At this time you have the option to exit the survey, or continue to answer in-depth questions on perceptions of pedestrian safety, accessibility, mobility, and walkability.

If you choose to continue, you can take up to four in-depth question sets. The team would appreciate your input on one or several of these question sets if you are willing to complete them. Each takes approximately four minutes to complete. You can stop answering questions and exit the survey at any time, and all answers will continue to remain confidential.